Gay couple shocked as 'surrogated' child from Nepal was proved 'not theirs'

KATHMANDU: An Israeli same-sex couple were recently in Nepal to give birth to a child via a surrogate mother.

Last month, they took the child back home. But, upon their return, they realised that their 'surrogated' child was not genetically theirs.

Weeks after the gay couple returned home, they ran genetic tests on the baby, as it was common to test babies surrogated overseas, and found the mistake.

The consequence, hence, would be that the could have to give up the child.

The baby now would be handed over its biological parents as per the Israeli laws.

As reported by Pinknews, the gay couple had provided sperms to surrogate a baby in Kathmandu as the system is not allowed in Israel.

They are now awaiting another child to see if it is theirs biologically.

As mentioned on the site, a surrogacy agency in Israel, Tammuz, reportedly attributed it to as a ‘human error’.

In 1996, a surrogacy law was formulated in Israel allowing straight couples to opt for surrogacy. However, gay and lesbian couples were not given the privilege.

The Nepali Supreme Court in August last year had put a stop to commercial surrogacy until the line could be drawn on its ethical part.

Subsequently, any child born to a surrogate mother with conception and the pregnancy date after August 25, 2015 were not be allowed to leave Nepal.

Shortly after, the Nepal Government completely banned the system on September 18, 2015 to the foreigners.