Govt has failed, says RPP Chair Thapa

Pokhara, February 17

Chairman of Rastriya Prajatantra Party Kamal Thapa today said the government with two-thirds majority had failed to bring peace and development.

Speaking at his party’s programme in Pokhara, Thapa said corruption and inflation had gone through the roof. He charged that the government had done nothing to create jobs to employ the youths.

Thapa argued working journalists lacked the freedom to write and express freely and fairly. “The government has controlled mainstream media and the Nepali press is also guided and dictated by political interest and business groups,” he added.

Thapa held that fusion between traditional and change-bringing forces would usher in political stability and development in the nation.

Noting that his party had met a huge debacle in the last polls, Thapa pledged to expand the party organisation across the country so that the party could perform in the next polls.