Govt urged to check viral fever outbreak in Jajarkot

Jajarkot, January 12

Different civil society organisations today drew the attention of the government and the concerned agencies to take immediate steps to control the outbreak of viral fever and common cold in Junichande Rural Municipality of Jajarkot.

Viral fever and common cold have so far claimed 13 lives in the rural municipality.  In a statement issued after a meeting at the district headquarters Khalanga today, the organisations stated that Jajarkot was hit by various calamities but the government had turned a blind eye. They have asked the concerned agencies to treat viral patients and check the pandemic.

Civil society member Rajendra Bikram Shah accused the government of being apathetic to the people’s plight. He argued that residents of Jajarkot had felt humiliated by the way the government was handling the situation.

Jajarkot Public Health Office chief Ram Bahadur Nepali, however, said were treating patients after setting up health camps at three different places of the district.