As the coronavirus infection continues to spread, the two offices in Kavrepalanchowk, which are crowded with service seekers, will open only three days a week for particular local levels starting today.

The District Administration Office and District Land Revenue Office stated that services will now be provided only on specific days in a week based on the local level, from today.

Until further notice, it will be on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for Dhulikhel, Panchkhal and Panauti municipalities and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Banepa, Mandandeupur and Namobuddha municipalities.

Chief District Officer Shivaram Pokharel said the service would be available every day for the rural municipality.

Dhulikhel District Land Revenue Office has stated that service will be provided as per the day from today.

Until further notice, the office said services would be provided to Banepa and Namobuddha on Sunday and Wednesday; Dhulikhel and Mandandeupur on Monday and Thursday; and Panchkhal and Panauti on Tuesday and Friday. In the case of rural municipalities, service will be available every day.

The daily infection rate in Kavrepalanchowk has been increasing in the last few days. According to the District COVID-19 Infection Control, Prevention and Treatment Centre, there are currently 643 active cases of COVID-19 in the district.

Although the number of deaths due to infection in the district dropped to zero last month, the number of deaths has been increasing in August.

Of the 13,539 people infected with corona in the district so far, 182 have died.

Among the dead, 137 died in the second wave.

It is said that the number of patients is increasing in the hospitals of the district. Currently, the highest number of infected people in the district is 163 in Banepa followed by 120 in Dhulikhel, 81 in Panchkhal, 104 in Panauti, 91 in Namobuddha, 45 in Mandondepur and 14 in Roshi, two in Chaurideurali, eight in Temal, five in Bhumlu, five in Bethanchowk, three in Khanikhola, and one in Mahabhar.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 16 2021, of The Himalayan Times.