Govt, PSC didn't cooperate: NHRC

KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission has accused the government and the Public Service Commission (PSC) of non-cooperation.

Issuing a press release Suday, the national human rights watchdog stated that it was an independent body governed by the Paris Principle, therefore, “it is allowed to appoint officials without the PSC’s approval.”

“We must be considered as an independent body as we operate according to the Paris Principle,” stated the press release. The NHRC also that it would issue a public notice to select eligible candidates to fill the 66 per cent of the total vacant positions.

However, the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO) and the PSC, have not given green signal to the NHRC for the recruitment process. The two authorities suggested the NHRC to appoint officials through the PSC examination as done by all the other constitutional bodies.

“We are doing our homework to appoint almost two-thirds of officials for the vacant posts through open competition,” NHRC commissioner and spokesperson, Gauri Pradhan, explained. He, however, added that they were also waiting for the court verdict as the issue already reached the Supreme Court. After the NHRC initiated its process to appoint 74 ad hoc staffs in permanent positions, separate Public Interest Litigations had been lodged in the Supreme Court, challenging the NHRC’s decision.