Govt to address fuel needs of foreign missions

Kathmandu, December 15

The government has decided to provide fuel and cooking gas to Kathmandu-based foreign diplomatic missions and their staffers.

The decision was taken after several foreign missions urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to arrange petroleum goods, including diesel and cooking gas.

An inter-ministerial meeting held under the chairmanship of Shambhu Prasad Ghimire, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, today decided to provide at least 100 litres of diesel per week to each foreign mission from the Nepal Police’s petrol station.

“We would provide necessary fuel to all missions on priority basis,” Ghimire told The Himalayan Times. “They are our guests and we are also bound to ensure their smooth functioning by the Vienna Convention of the Diplomatic Missions 1961.”

According to him, at least 4,000 litres of diesel would be provided to all 29 Kathmandu-based foreign embassies and diplomatic missions, including the United Nations and the SAARC, every week.He added that cooking gas would also be provided to all foreign diplomats.

According to Dipak Adhikari, assistant spokesperson for the MoFA, at least one LPG cylinder would be provided to each foreign diplomat every two months.

Before the Tarai blockade and border disruption in September, foreign missions themselves used to manage their petroleum needs.

But after the blockade most of the foreign missions had requested the MoFA to provide cooking gas and diesel. Despite the government’s efforts, their demands have not been adequately met.