Govt to provide scholarships to martyrs’ kids

Kathmandu, October 22:

The Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) has announced to provide scholarships to the children of martyrs. The ministry is collecting data for this provision.

Even though the government has announced it, due to the lack of documents and data, most the martyrs’ children are deprived of such facility.

The provision will also be applicable to the children whose parent’s were declared martyrs by the government from 1989 till date.

Mahashram Sharma, director at the Department of Education (DoE), said the number of martyrs recognised by the government has increased but it has not been recorded.

According to Sharma, in order to provide scholarships to the martyrs’ children, the government has issued a notice to all the district education offices, schools and also made a public appeal so that real beneficiaries could come forward for their rights.

Laba Prasad Tripathee, spokesperson at the Education Ministry, said as soon as the

government receives the application the scholarship programme would come into effect from this academic year.

Besides this, the committee formed under the co-ordination of Bishnu Kumar Devkota, director of DoE, along with the representation from the private schools organisation has submitted the report on the provision of providing the scholarships to the martyr’s children and children belonging to underprivileged group.

The committee has formed the modality on providing at least 2 per cent scholarships of the total students’ enrollment to the martyrs’ children.

Tripathee said that the report would be implemented after the next round of discussion with the private schools organisations, which will be held immediately after Tihar.