Grover not threatened, say hotel staffers

Kathmandu, November 13:

Employees of Hotel Everest today said they never asked Indian national, Shailesh Grover, to leave the country.

In a press statement sent to the Indian embassy, local authorities, human rights commission and the media, the staffers said that Grover, the director of sales and marketing department in the hotel, was merely asked to resign from his job.

Grover had yesterday alleged that around 24 persons threatened him on Friday and asked him to leave the country by Sunday. “Hotel employees neither asked him nor pressed him to leave the country,” the statement said, adding: “It is, however, true that he was asked to resign from his position as the employees have been facing a number of problems due to his mismanagement,” the statement said.

The hotel employees have also sought the resignation of finance controller, Keshav Acharya

and HR Manager, Hari Dutta Joshi.

It is learnt that Joshi resigned yesterday and the employees are pressing for the other two executives’ resignation.