Hailstorm destroys crops in Pokhara

POKHARA: A rainfall with hailstones that lashed across Pokhara in Kaski district on Saturday afternoon has destroyed crops including vegetables and fruits.

The vegetables cultivated in the areas of Hemja, Malepatan, Parsyang, Bagmara, Kundahar, Bhalam, Shisuwa, Baidam among others were destroyed by the hailstones that lasted for an hour today.

Similarly, the hailstones destroyed the flowerings of orange, litchi, mango, peach among other fruits grown in the region, according to District Agriculture Development Office, Kaski. The cultivated vegetables, crops and fruits worth millions of rupees were destroyed

The rice and corn crops cultivated in the area of Shisuwa, Arwa, Armala were also destroyed by the hailstones.