Hayus greed govt stipend

RAMECHHAP: Most of the Hayu, an ethnic minority in Ramechhap, have regretted giving birth to less number of children after the government announced an allowance of Rs 500 to each of them.

Hari Hayu of Sukajor-1, Birta, said, “I have only three children. I would have got more money as allowance if I had more children. Hari added, “Those who have more children maintain their family easily from the amount they receive as allowance.”

Besides Hari, Sanu Hayu also regrets for having less number of children. Sanu who had adopted family planning method as suggested by social mobilisers of local NGOs expresses anger over the mobilisers now. Receiving less amount of money as allowance worries him now though he was happy to have few kids to take care of earlier.

According to Kumari Hayu, member of Hayu Ekata Society, Jit Bahadur Hayu of Ramechhap-8, Badi, receives Rs 18,000 per month as allowance. He has been receiving the highest sum as allowance.

Kumari said, “The financial condition of the Hayus has improved as they started receiving the allowance.” The villagers, however, said that the Hayus were regretting for having less number of children as they lagged behind financially and academically.

There are nearly 700 Hayus in Ramechhap district.