National football team head coach Abhullah Almutairi on Monday issued an apology post on social media.

His apology follows a controversy surrounding his previous announcement wherein he had stated he was stepping down from his post following some differences with a senior official of the ANFA.

"I apologise to all the Nepali people and especially to all the former players and coaches or anyone who misunderstood my intentions" he wrote on his Facebook page.

Almutairi further added, "I have realised that my version has caused some wrongly speaking perpetuates, and for that I am so deeply sorry."

Screengrab: Abhullah Almutairi/ Facebook
Screengrab: Abhullah Almutairi/ Facebook

On July 25, Almutairi has announced resignation from his position his Facebook page accusing senior vice-president of ANFA, Pankaj Nembang of being a hindrance to his job, and for 'creating drama everyday' for the last three weeks.

An emergency meeting of the All Nepal Football Association on Friday decided to request the Youth and Sports Ministry to conduct investigation into the matter involving senior vice-president Pankaj Nembang and national team head coach Abdullah Almutairi.

On April 04, ANFA had appointed Kuwaiti national Almutairi as the head coach of men's national football team. He was handed a one-year term to coach the national team.

Meanwhile, ANFA Spokesperson Kiran Rai announced resignation from his post today.