Health post workers playing truant

Bajura, May 13

Service delivery has been adversely been affected due to the lack of health workers and essential drugs at Toli Health Post in Tribeni Municipality, Bajura.

The entire health facility is being operated by single health worker as other staffers do not attend the health post.

“There are health workers employed at the health post. But some of them are on leave while  others are out of contact,” regretted assistant nursing mid-wife Devaki Gautam. She claimed that she was looking after all the patients visiting the health post. “I have been facing a hard time as co-workers do not work during duty hours. At least 20 patients visit the health post on a daily basis and they are left with no choice but to wait throughout the day to avail services,” said Gautam.

“The health post has also been hit hard due to acute shortage of drugs. Saline water has been running out for diarrhoea patients. It is also running out of life saving drugs,” regretted Gautam. There are two assistant health workers, two assistant nursing mid-wives and two office attendants at the health facility. However, they usually remain absent.

Senior assistant health worker Bir Bahadur Eidi has been transferred to municipality for periodic service. “Though there are necessary staff at the health post we don’t see them most of the time,” regretted Sher Bahadur Shahi, a local.

The new mothers, who should be provided Rs 1,500 for giving birth to their babies at state owned health facilities, have also been deprived of the allowance.