Nepalgunj, July 10:

Member of government talks team and Minister of State for Labour and Transport Management, Ramesh Lekhak, today said parliament would be dissolved after formation of an interim government including the Maoists.

After settling the issue of management of Maoist arms, the Maoists and the seven-party alliance would frame a body like a parliament through an agreement and an interim government including the Maoists would be formed, he said.

The SPA should not stick to keeping the reinstated House of Representatives functioning and the Maoists should not keep weapons. The parliament should be dissolved and the weapons managed, Minister Lekhak said while referring to the dissatisfaction expressed by the MPs over the 8-point agreement between the Maoists and the SPA.

“We can go for an election to the constituent assembly at the earliest if the agreement between government and Maoists are implemented seriously,” he said, adding, “we can discuss and clear confusions.” There are reports that the Maoists are violating the ceasefire code of conduct by continuing donation drives, abduction and by not returning the seized land. Such actions must immediately stop, he said.

Minster Lekhak expressed concern over the existence of peoples’ courts and establishment of new peoples’ courts despite direction from Maoist supremo Prachanda to shut down such courts.