Hotel rooms to be made available as quarantine facilities: Hotel Professional federation

KATHMANDU: A decision to provide hotel rooms for quarantine facilities was made today.

In a meeting organised by the Hotel Professional Federation Nepal in Kathmandu, a decision to provide guest houses to be used as quarantine facilities was made in the wake of the coronavirus infection threat.

Talking to the THT online over the phone, Hira Dhoj Shah, chair of the federation, confirmed the news stating that the decision has been made at a delicate time in order to help the government combat the spread of the novel Coronavirus. " The rooms will be made available if the government approaches."

All hotels across seventy-seven districts of the nation are committed to the decision taken to this effect. Approximately, 1600 guest houses could be provided in Kathmandu.

The rooms will be provided to the government for emergency usage without any incentive, Shah added.

Likewise, vice-chair of Sundhara Hotel Entrepreneurs Federation, Devi Kandel shared that the federation has arranged for around 100 rooms in Sundhara to be offered for housing isolation cases if and when needed.