House session to end uncertainty: Prachanda

Dipayal, October 8:

Maoist chairman Prachanda said today the special session of the parliament will put an end to political uncertainty prevailing in the country.

Prachanda was speaking after inaugurating the third democratic convention of the CPN-Maoist in Doti district. Prachanda told the gathering the Maoists were not against the constituent assembly elections.

He explained that they left the government after realising that reactionary forces, political parties, pro-palace forces and the United States were plotting against them and were trying to make a mockery of the election to the constituent assembly.

Prachanda also strongly condemned the statement issued by central president of the Bharatiya Janata Party Rajnath Singh calling for the retention of monarchy in Nepal.

Calling for fully proportional representation election system in the election to constituent assembly elections and the parliamentary proclaimation of a republic by Jestha 30, Prachanda said that the Maoists will move ahead with their agenda if the political parties do not arrive at a consensus on these issues.

He said he had, among other things, urged Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to provide relief to families of Maoist Peoples’ Liberation Army fighters killed in action and form a powerful commission to make the whereabouts of the missing public.

Prachanda said the Maoists will launch a fresh revolution if the political parties don’t agree to fully proportional representation in the constituent assembly elections, declaration of a republic and other issues raised by the Maoists and urged the people of the Seti and Mahakali

region to be ready for the revolution.

Maoist ideologue Prabhakar said the people of the far-west had always been in the forefront of the people’s revolution, but the government had always ignored them.

Amrita Thapa, the general secretary of the All Nepal Revolutionary Women’s Ascoiation, the Maoist women wing, progressive writer Minu Chapagain, actress Bipana Thapa and others also expressed their views.

The convention will run for four days. Maoist chairman Prachanda was accompanied by his wife Sita Poudel, Maoist leader Biplab and others. The convention will turn into a roundtable conference on Friday, said Maoist sources.