I'm next Nepali Congress President, says Deuba

CHITWAN: Former prime minister and senior leader of Nepali Congress (NC) Sher Bahadur Deuba on Saturday informed that he would file his candidacy for the post President.

Speaking at a press meeting organised by Nepal Press Union in Bharatpur of Chitwan district, Deuba said, "I am the next President."

He also claimed that the incumbent party President Sushil Koirala had already saddened the party leaders and cadres by giving his candidacy for the second time to the Prime Minister's post.

Now, if he again forwarded his name for the party's new President, the leaders and cadres would not like him anymore, he added.

Deuba, on the other hand, assured that he would conduct polls of all sister organisations, which were obstructed for years due to various reasons, if elected the President.

The largest party in the Parliament is holding its 13th national general convention on March 3-6 in the Capital.

"Now Girijababu is no more with us," Deuba said remembering the party's former President Girija Prasad Koirala, who remained a central figure in Nepali politics for years, "Now, it is my responsibility to end all factionalism and take the party ahead by unifying all."

In a different context, he urged the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to move ahead by being responsible towards the demand of people rather than "making jokes".

Meanwhile, he opined that the demand of United Democratic Madhesi Front about demarcation of federal provinces could be resolved with the Constitution Amendment Bill, but not agitation.