Implement past accords: Nepal

Kathmandu, September 29:

Former CPN-UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal today warned that the recent political activities indicated that the situation might take a turn for worse in the near future if the political parties failed to honestly implement the agreements reached in the past.

“The government should first create an environment of trust among the coalition partners before addressing the suspicions of international communities,” Nepal said during a face-to-face programme organised here today.

Nepal stressed on the need for a coordination committee for the smooth functioning of the government and the constitution-writing process.

Talking to media for the second time after resigning from the party leadership, Nepal said the new Prime Minister was confused about his priorities. “He seems to have taken up each and every issue as if he doesn’t have any list of priority,” he commented, adding, “It may be because he is new to the job.”

He expressed concern about the issue raised by the media about the dissatisfaction of the President who reportedly said that he was feeling neglected. “There cannot be excuses every time. The PM should make consultations with the President,” he said. He also asked the Maoists to get rid of their rebellious mentality and said that the government should work in a full-fledged manner.

Commenting on the issue of integration of People’s Liberation Army personnel into Nepal Army, he said there should not be debate on the recruitment policy of the national army -- that must be professional, apolitical and neutral. He, however, clarified that he did not mean that a person involved in Maoist movement was not eligible for the recruitment. But he maintained that groupwise entry would not be acceptable.

Talking on treaties with India, Nepal said the Maoists opposed the Mahakali Treaty because they had not understood the reality.