Bajura, June 19

Four days after she fell from a cliff and was seriously injured, Lalita Giri, 16, of Bajura's Budhinanda Municipality is yet to be rescued.

According to Chief District Officer Gopal Adhikari, attempts to send her to Kathmandu for further treatment have been affected due to adverse weather.

"She's been at Kolti Primary Health Centre for the past four days ready to be flown to Kathmandu but it hasn't been possible due to bad weather," said CDO Adhikari, adding that a Manang Air helicopter landed at Kolti Airport this afternoon to airlift the injured girl, but couldn't take off due to inclement weather.

The chopper was sent by the provincial government.

Lalita was seriously injured after she fell from Rupasaini cliff while collecting fodder for cattle near her village on Wednesday evening.

Rendered unconscious from the fall, she was rushed to Kolti Health Centre, where she is being treated with oxygen support.

"The health centre has told us to take her to the capital for further treatment, but bad weather has made any flights impossible so far.

Earlier too, a Nepali Army chopper had come for the rescue, but it couldn't fly to Kolti from Martadi due to heavy fog over Pokhare Lekh," said the patient's kin Dhakaraj Giri. Today, a chopper managed to fly to Kolti but could not take off due to unfavourable weather condition, Giri shared.

Kolti Primary Health Centre Chief Dr Dikendra Sanjyal described the condition of the girl as critical. "She has received serious injuries on her head and backbone and neck, and her oxygen level has fallen to a very low level," he said.

A version of this article appears in the print on June 20, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.