Insufficient VTM affects sample collection for COVID-19 test in Udayapur

GAIGHAT: The collection of throat swab samples for the testing of COVID-19 infection has been obstructed in Triyuga Municipality-3 of Udayapur district, citing shortage of Viral Transport Medium (VTM).

VTMs are used to collect throat swab samples which makes the testing procedure effective and convenient. The provincial government had provided 100 pieces of VTMs for Udayapur district, of which five pieces were taken to Bhojpur.

Remaining 91 of 95 pieces have already been used, which has created an acute shortage.

Chief of District Health Office, Mohan Subedi, said that the sample collection has been disrupted since Tuesday due to insufficient VTMs. "A request to the provincial government has already been made. However, the supplies have not yet arrived," he added.

28 of the 54 cases of COVID-19 in the country as of today have been reported from the area, making it the hotspot of infection in the country.

Delay in collection and testing puts the public at greater risk of transmission.