Internet connected in all ward offices

Bhojpur, July 2

All ward offices in Pauwadumba Rural Municipality, Bhojpur, have been connected with internet.

The wards were connected with Internet with the aim of making ward offices of the rural municipality technology-friendly for the benefit of service seekers.

Chief administrator at the rural municipality Shalik Ram Bhattarai said all the wards were well equipped with computer, printer, photocopy along with internet service. “The wards are connected to the rural municipality office through Subisu internet,” he added.

Bhattarai said internet connectivity had facilitated instant communication with other offices, departments and ministries. He added that the rural municipality had utilised internet connectivity to receive and send policy, programmes and directives among other information through email to subordinate offices. The rural municipality has also made Wi-Fi available to service seekers in all ward offices.

Meanwhile, Kiran Rai, chair of the rural municipality said that internet would help to make services and information accessible to service seekers at all wards of the rural municipality.