Itahari gold jewellery fraud racket busted

ITAHARI: Itahari police on Monday said they nabbed three of an alleged fraud racket involved in robbing people of gold jewellery after intoxicating them.

Itahari Area Police Office arrested Santosh Shrestha (49) and Raj Kumar Shrestha (40) from Urlabari and Sanju Sharma (20) of Babiya in Sunsari.

Police said the trio had cheated more than a dozen people at different times in Itahari, Dharan and Damak, briefed Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Om Prasad Sharma, at a press conference.

The DSP said the arrestees have confessed to the crime and the police have confiscated the fake gold jewellery used by the racket in the stealing the real jewellery.

Half a dozen victims have already identified the three as the same persons who had swindled them.

The arrestees are being kept at the Itahari Police Office and will be booked for theft and fraud as per the law.