CHITWAN, July 22

Jailbirds at District Prison could not give their opinions on the first draft of the constitution, though public hearings were organised in as many as ten venues of Chitwan on July 20 and 21.

The inmates expressed their grievances saying that they did not get opportunity to take part in the feedback collection campaign at a time when individuals across the country had taken part in airing their views on the new statute of the country.

They said, “We were disheartened as no CA member approached us for public hearing. We had gathered our suggestions on paper intending to submit them to the lawmakers. But our efforts went in vain.”

They complained that no CA member had sought theirfeedback

Ghana Shyam Poudel, a jailbird, demanded that all the inmates doing time should be given general amnesty in the new constitution.

Prison guard Rajendra Chaudhary said that the families of the jailbirds should be given relief package, prison reforms ought to be implemented, allowances increased as per the inflation, the right to education and health along with human rights should also be provisioned for inmates in the constitution.

“Though the jailbirds had requested lawmakers to receive their suggestions, they were deeply saddened as no one approached them,” said jailor Ram Babu Shrestha.

Of the 571 inmates, 49 are women.