Joint efforts sought for timely CA polls

Kathmandu, June 25:

Various prominent personalities have stressed that everyone should join hands to create an environment conducive for holding the elections to the Constituent Assembly in a free and fair manner on the scheduled date.

Talking to this daily, human rights activist Sudip Pathak said he believed that the CA polls would be conducted in a free and fair environment. He said the role of the eight parties is very important in the conduction of the election.

He further said that the agitating groups will also try to find a way out of the problems they have through the CA polls.

“The CA election is the only medium to solve the problems faced by the people. There is no alternative to the CA polls. In democracy, people from different groups demand their rights,” he added.

Professor Dr Lokraj Baral said the CA election, which was supposed to take place in June, has been scheduled for November 22 and it seems that the Tarai problem can disrupt the election. “The government will have to solve the Tarai unrest if it wants to conduct elections on time,” he said.

President of Nepal Students Union, Pradeep Poudel, said that the CA polls should be conducted on the scheduled date. “Or the peace process will be stalled. The political parties should be responsible to conduct CA polls on time,” he said “The political parties don’t have the right to lead the nation if they fail to hold CA polls on time,” he said, adding that violent activities of the Maoists “could disrupt the environment for the CA polls.”

“Recent violent activities by the Maoists indicate that they are not keen on creating an environment conducive for the CA polls. They should stop their violent activities so that the election can be conducted in time,” he said.

Ramkumari Jhakri, vice-president of All Nepal National Free Students Union said: “CA election should be held on time. But it is not possible before addressing the problems of Madhesh and indigenous nationalities.”