JSP-N awaiting SC verdict, says Mahato


Janata Samajbadi Party-Nepal senior leader Rajendra Mahato said the unconstitutional move of dissolving the House of Representatives had put federalism and republicanism at risk.

Speaking at a press conference in Rajbiraj today, the JSP-N leader likened Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to Hitler and predicted that Oli’s downfall was certain. “Just as Hitler met his doom, KP Oli, the man who conspired to push the country over a cliff by dissolving the Parliament in an ugly fashion, is also sure to get his just deserts,” he said.

On a different note, Mahato accused the ruling class of failing to shed the old racist and colonialist mentality and blamed the same for political instability gripping the nation.

“We’ve got many constitutions so far, but as they all were written with colonialist mentality, the same was the reason why we had to change the constitution again and again,” he said, adding that they were waiting for the Supreme Court’s verdict regarding the House dissolution.

“As the case relating to the dissolution of the Parliament is sub-judice at the Supreme Court, we’ll wait for the court’s verdict. And in a democracy we must defer to the court’s verdict,”

Mahato said, adding that his party would devise its strategy heeding to people’s demand once the court delivered its verdict.

The JSP-N leader observed that as for now the priority was to save the country from regression rather than go to the polls. “It’s obvious to all that we’ve always fought to protect democracy by defending the constitution. Failing to defend the constitution would put our entire achievements at risk, that’s why it was our duty again to save the country from the PM’s regressive move.”

Yet on a different note, Mahato said that the agenda of identity and rights had to come front and centre due to failure of previous governments to address the concerns of one and all living in the country.