Juphal airport closed from today for black topping

DUNAI, DOLPA: Juphal Airport, the only medium of transportation in Dolpa district, has been closed from Thursday.

According to the Juphal-based Office of the Civil Aviation Authority, the airport has been shut after tarmacking of runway started from today.

Project Chief Bir Prasad Shahi said that the airport is being upgraded at a cost of Rs 98.1 million and it might take around two months to complete the task.

He further said that air service could resume within few days after completion of the task.

"Upgrading of the airport was obstructed time and again due to various reasons including lack of workers, unfavourable climate and not getting helicopters to supply construction materials on time," added Shahi.

According to the Dolpa District Administration Office, preparation was underway to bring the Masinechaur airport into operation until the completion of blacktopping of Juphal airport.