Karnali Province Chief Govinda Prasad Kalauni has issued an ordinance related to public service commission as per the recommendation of the province government.

Province Chief Kalauni on Tuesday issued the ordinance-2078 introduced to amend the 'Province Public Service Act, 2075' as per Article 202 (1) of the Nepal Constitution, 2072.

The province government had prepared to bring an amended act after finding some errors in the law enacted by the province assembly. As informed the provincial government had made amendments to the act through ordinance when there was no certainty on the date for calling province assembly session.

Day-to-day operations have been adversely affected when amendment to the act was stalled for long. The act has not been amended even after the office-bearers have been appointed in the public service commission.

Province Chief Kalauni issued the ordinance after receiving the letter of the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers