Khotang authority destroys seized expired goods

KHOTANG: The Khotang District Administration Office on Wednesday destroyed expired goods seized during a week-long market monitoring in Diktel.

According to Dinesh Kumal, Assistant Chief District Officer, the inedible goods including biscuits, juice, sauce, spices, tea and beetle nuts among others were seized from Diktel and were destroyed in the premises of the DAO today.

The expired consumables were being sold taking advantage of unofficial blockade and rampant black marketing.

The Officials burned all the inedible goods in presence of police, entrepreneurs, District Treasury Controller Office (DTCO) representatives and journalists.

Police had confiscated 100 packets of biscuits, 61 packets of spices, five bottles of juice, 50 packets of beetle nuts, 10 packets of tea, 12 makeup kits and four bottles of sauce, all date-expired, from various shops of Diktel.