Kidney victim’s family left in the lurch


The family of Bire Sarki, a kidney patient in Budhinanda Municipality, has been facing acute food shortage.

A sixty-years-old freed haliya, Bire has been struggling for his life while his family continues to suffer for want of food.

A local, Man Bire Sharki, said the family has been struggling to manage the daily meals. Another local, Hikmat Odd said his family had returned with Bire from Kathmandu as they could not afford his treatment.

There are five members in Bire’s family. His wife Amrita has been suffering from rheumatism and cannot earn for the family.

Also a victim of visual impairment, she can see through one eye only. His two children, a son and a daughter are also physically challenged.

According to Amrita her family has been left in the lurch ever since her husband got sick.

Bire worked as a daily wage earner to feed his family, earlier. “As I can’t go out of home and work due to my sickness, running the family has become very difficult,” she said in tears.

Amrita said her family has been relying on villagers for daily meals. Locals said the family has nothing of its own.

“We get to eat if someone provides food for us. If not we have no other option than to go to bed empty stomach,” said a tearful Amrita, adding, “The hope that someday someone would arrange for my husband’s treatment, is keeping us alive. Once he is cured he can provide enough food for us.”

A version of this article appears in e-paper on September 6, 2020, of The Himalayan Times.