Kill your dog or pay Rs 50,000!

MUGU: Mugu District Administration Office has announced Rs 50,000 fine to those turning a deaf ear to its appeal to kill their pet dogs.

The DAO diktat comes in the wake of many deaths of people and animals resulted due to rabid dogs bite in various parts of the district.

Following the DAO's decree, a campaign for killing the dogs has been launched in the district. More than 1,000 dogs have so far been culled.

Two weeks back, a person died in Rara VDC after bitten by a rabid dog. In Pina and Karkidanda VDCs, more than 20 domestic animals died of rabies so far. The disease was transmitted to them from rabid dogs.

Lately, 10 to 20 persons visit District Hospital to take anti-rabies vaccine every day, according to a hospital source.

Many other cases go unnoticed as the patients even go as far as Surkhet and Nepalgunj for treatment.

According to the District Livestock Office, only the people near the headquarters were vaccinating their dogs against the disease. However, authorities have decided to kill all the dogs outside of the district headquarters.

The District Hospital said more than 300 persons have been injected with the anti-rabies vaccine within the past couple of months.