Kin arrested on murder charges

HETAUNDA: Police arrested three persons, including a woman, on charge of murder of Megh Bahadur Majhi, a resident of Paos, Chhattiwan of Makawanpur district. The suspects are the victim's relatives, police said.

Police identified them as Dhana Bahadur Majhi (44) and his nephew Bhugol Majhi (23) of Panchpandav, Phaparbari-1, and Ramila Majhi (27) of Chhattiban-8. Dhana Bahadur is the victim's brother-in-law while the victim's elder sister Ramila, who is unmarried.

Police made the arrests after Megh Bahadur's body was found at Chorbhanjyang, Chhattiban VDC-7 in eastern Makawanpur on Monday, December 14.

According to police, Dhana Bahadur had illicit relationship with Ramila and hiding it could be the motive behind the murder besides greed of property. Ramila and Megh Bahadur's mother had recently collected Rs 6.1 million as compensation from the government for the land acquired by the government for the proposed Nijgadh-Kathmandu fast track road.

Dhana Bahadur has confessed to the crime, police claimed.

According to the District Police Office, Dhana Bahadur told police, he with the help of his nephew took the victim on a motorcycle to the woods in Chhattiwan and stoned him to death.