Kiran sings GP Koirala’s tune

Rupandehi, January 2:

Following the broader democratic alliance of NC head Girija Prasad Koirala to resolve the existing national crisis, the CPN-Maoist has campaigned to forge a broad national front, comprising of the patriotic (royalists), democratic and leftist parties. Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’, head of the Maoists’ organisation department, speaking at a press conference in Butwal today, informed about forming the national front.

Kiran, however, criticised the proposal of former prime minister Koirala to form the democratic alliance as a confined outlook. “There are only three powers - patriotic, democratic and leftist forces in the country, which should go on hand in hand. If one undermines another, it will create problems,” he said in a strategic language tactfully. It was necessary to take the peace process to the logical end by writing the new constitution, he said. “Don’t be narrow minded. Join us in our company.”

“Let all the power come sit together and write the new constitution”, Baidya said at the programme organised by the Reporters Club of Nepal, Lumbini. Some Maoist leaders were alleged to accumulate property during the insurgency and transferred it to their kins, he said. “It can be probed if such allegation were substantiated with proofs.”

He admitted some flaws were in his party and added the party had initiated to check them. Alleging the different power centres of conspiring to weaken the Maoists in Tarai, he said the regressive forces and feudal parties were behind it.

He claimed that most of the seized properties were already returned to the owners and asked the people, who have not got it, for contacting the Maoist party. He urged not to link the Maoists with the tillers’ problems. He said the dispute with the NC on its demands would be solved soon.