Koshi flood victims threaten stir

ITAHARI: The Koshi flood victims have started agitation urging to fulfil their 11-point demands, including relief proposed by the special committee formed during the Maoist-led government.

As part of their protest, the flood victims obstructed the Koshi eroded section of the East West Highway for five hours from 8 am to 1 pm today. They have been extending the duration of the road obstruction by one hour every day for the last five days.

Prachanda’s government had formed a special study committee under the coordination of Nandan Dutta, a CA member from Sunsari, three months ago. The committee had conducted a field study on the Koshi flood victims and proposed relief for the victims.

“After we failed to receive any relief as proposed by the special committee, we were forced to launch the phase-wise agitation,” said Ayup Ansari of Koshi VIctim Struggle Committee. He warned of stern protest if their demands were not met in time.

They blamed the employees of the committee and party leaders to have embezzled the relief funds disbursed in the name of the victims.

Indian technicians inspect Koshi spurs

ITAHARI: A team of high ranking technicians from Bihar, India, sunday visited the Koshi Barrage and inspected the condition of the embankment after a sluice gate at the barrage was damaged due to the increase in water level.

The team led by chief mechanical engineer of Bihar, KN Lal, inspected the barrage and the

sluice gate No 12, the damaged gate due to floods a few days ago.

The team had arrived on Thursday night after the sluice gate of the barrage was damaged.

Talking to journalists after the inspection, engineer Lal conceded that all

the gates of the barrage were in a dilapidated condition.

He added that the repair of the damaged sluice gate was possible only by the technicians

of the company that constructed the Koshi Barrage.

The Koshi Barrage was constructed by an Indian construction company — Joseph and Company Limited, Kolakotta — in 1962.

Engineer Lal informed that at least 15 crores Indian currency would be required for the construction of all the sluice gates of the barrage.

According to the Indian technicians, they had already sent a letter to the Bihar state government to call the company for the repair of the barrage.