Lack of VDC secretaries hits official work

Rajbiraj, January 26

Many development projects have been badly affected due to lack of VDC secretaries in the VDCs of Saptari.

As many as 76 VDC secretaries work in 91 VDCs and five municipalities in the district.

A single government employee is compelled to look after three VDCs due to lack of responsible persons in the VDC offices.

District Development Committee’s information officer Nawaraj Khadka said that as many as 18 VDC secretaries have taken the responsibilities of two VDCs. He said that some of them were on leave for a month while some were under the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority action and some others were operating from the DDC.

Locals complained that official works that has to be done through the VDC office such as birth registration, recommendations and other minor works have been adversely affected due to lack of VDC secretaries.

“The VDC secretaries do not come to the office on time and service seekers cannot get their most essential works done,” said Sanjiv Sah of Gamariya Prabaha VDC.

The VDC council reportedly is yet to be completed due to overload of work on a single person. Some of the VDCs don’t have any plan as the VDCs have yet to hold their council meetings.