Lalbabu Raut to be sworn in Province 2 CM today

Janakpurdham, February 13

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal’s Province 2 parliamentary party leader Mohammad Lalbabu Raut Gaddhi is all set to be the chief minister of the province.

Gaddhi, along with the RJP-N PP leader Jitendra Sonal, submitted a letter to Governor Ratneshwor Lal Kayastha this evening pledging support of majority of Provincial Assembly members to appoint Gaddhi as the chief minister of the province.

The letter was signed by RJP-N presidium coordinator Mahantha Thakur.

Governor Kayastha will administer the oath of office and secrecy to Gaddhi at the governor’s office on the premises of Janakpur Tobacco Factory tomorrow.

FSF-N and RJP-N have 29 and 25 seats, respectively, in the 107-member Provincial Assembly, giving them the required number to form a coalition government.

Meanwhile, there is discontent in the RJP-N as the party presidium announced parliamentary party leader without holding a discussion in the party. The discontent has also to do with the recommendation of Saroj Kumar Yadav for the speaker’s post. Yadav was later elected the speaker unopposed. “As there was no discussion in the party on the choice of parliamentary party leader, it was natural that some lawmakers would be discontented,” said a member of the RJP-N presidium, Mahendra Raya Yadav.