Land grab slur on Maoists

Kathmandu, November 12:

Maoists have seized a plot of land from a poor farmer in Sarlahi at gunpoint and registered it in the name of a Maoist cadre, Akalesh Mandal, the victim has claimed.

Madan Mandal Khatwe of Simara VDC-5, Sarlahi, who had come to the capital city seeking justice, said a group of Maoists who came under the leadership of Thaga Mahara Chamar, the chief of the district people’s government, forced him to put a thumb print on the documents to transfer the land ownership in the name of a Maoist cadre on November 2. “At gunpoint the Maoists transferred some 11 katthas of land in the name of a Maoist cadre,” Khatwe said, adding that he has been appealing to various organisations for help him.

“The land was the only property we owned. Now we have nowhere to live and work,” Khatwe, who was accompanied by a district-level leader of the Nepali Congress (Democratic), Jawaharlal Yadav, said. Maoist district secretary Surrendra had asked Chamar not to take any action against Khatwe by sending a letter, but in vain. Prabhu Shah, the general secretary of the Madheshi Liberation Front, said, over telephone, that the incident could have happened due to ethnic differences.

He also said the Maoist cadres would not have taken action against Khatwe without his mistake. “We will look into the incident,” he said.