Left alliance unification task forces next week


KATHMANDU: The Party Unification Coordination Committee of the left alliance, which was supposed to form two task forces to expedite the process of unification between the CPN-UML and the CPN-MC failed to do so due to lack of preparation.

The PUCC acted on only one of the three agenda set for today — forming three independent task forces to work on the rules and process of National Assembly election and formation of provincial governments.

The left alliance is likely to form provincial governments in six provinces, except Province 2.

The PUCC meeting  decided to form a six-member task force comprising Subas Chandra Nembang, Surendra Pandey and Shankar Pokharel from the CPN-UML and Ram Bahadur Thapa, Barshaman Pun and Matrika Yadav  from the CPN-MC.

According to UML senior leader Jhalanath Khanal, who is also a member of PUCC, the task force will pave the way for formation of provincial governments. Khanal said the task force would not finalise candidates for the National


“The task force that was created today was not for forming the government at the centre,” he added.

According to him, two more task forces will be formed in the next PUCC meeting likely to be held next week when UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli returns from Bangkok.

Oli is flying to Bangkok tomorrow afternoon for a routine health check-up.

“The PUCC is likely to meet again next week, possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday,” Khanal said.

According to him, a task force will be formed to iron out differences on ideological issues and another one will be formed to work out organisational structure and leaders’ responsibilities in the unified party.

“Both task forces will allocate responsibilities for party leaders,” Khanal said. “Our next meeting will form task forces and fix the time frame for the assigned jobs,” he added.

When asked if the UML wanted to give priority to government formation, Khanal said his party was for expediting government formation and party unification simultaneously.

PUCC comprises Oli, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Jhalanath Khanal, Bamdev Gautam and Ishwor Pokharel from UML and Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Narayan Kaji Shrestha and Ram Bahadur Thapa from CPN-MC.

According to Dahal’s secretariat there were no differences in the PUCC about party unification.


Left alliance form six-member task force

KATHMANDU: The left alliance's Party Unification Coordination Committee meeting formed a six-member task force to carry out homework for the formation of National Assembly and Provincial Government.

The meeting of top leaders held at KP Sharma Oli's residence at Balkot this evening formed the task force comprising of three leaders each from both parties.

Leader Subash Chandra Nemang, Shankar Pokharel and Surendra Pandey of UML and Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal), Barsha Man Pun and Matrika Yadav of CPN-Maoist Centre.

Meanwhile, the other task force, which was supposed to be formed today, to work on the unified party's structure and political ideology was put on hold.

Both the parties are loggerhead at the unification process at the moment as CPN-MC leaders are giving priority for party unification while UML is firm on formation of government and unification later.

It has been learned that UML is floating idea of two chairperson-one having major role of leading the government and other heading the party.

Oli is set to leave for Bangkok tomorrow for regular health check-up.

The unification process would gain momentum after Oli return from Bangkok, it has been learned.