Leftist alliance is against democracy: NC Leader Paudel

LAMJUNG: The Nepali Congress senior leader Ram Chandra Paudel has asserted that the recently formed leftist alliance is against the democracy.

Leader Paudel said so while addressing an election rally at Rainas Municipality in Lamjung district today. He also stressed that the leftist alliance was formed with plans to push the country towards civil war in the future.

"Communists exercising in multi party system are trying to forge consensus to push the country toward anarchism, to stop the nation from being ruled by autocratic rules, the democratic forces should emerge victorious to safeguard democracy in the nation," Paudel shared.

NC leader also accused the leftist alliance for trying to foil the implementation of constitution promulgated in NC initiatives.

Paudel also shared that the Nepali Congress played a leadership role in every changes in the nation. So, the NC will once again lead from the front for economic development of the nation.

Similarly, speaking at the same event, NC candidate for the House of Representatives from Lamjung district Dil Bahadur Gharti said NC will play significant role in developing the district in the future.

"Stopping violence, economic prosperity, eradicating poverty are the main agendas of the nation. There is no alternative to democracy in the nation," Gharti added.