Leopard strays into Lamjung headquarters, locals panic

LAMJUNG: A leopard strayed into a human settlement into Lamjung district headquarters Beshishahar on Saturday, creating a panic among locals.

The wild cat had entered into a shed of Prasad Paudel in Trivenitol, Beshishahar-12, at around 8 am today.

The wild cat had run away after locals made some noise after they noticed the wild animal. However, it was again spotted at the same place few hours later.

In the second time, the locals tried to chase away the leopard to a local jungle, but it hid itself in a field.

Later, it had strayed into the shed of local Raj Krishna Shrestha.

Police Inspector Naresh Kumar Singh said the leopard is currently staying in a room of the first floor of his house.

"We have locked the cat inside the room," he said, "It is now furious and we have guarded the area as it might attack people."

He suggested that the cat might be chased away at night after necessary preparation.