Sindhupalchowk, January 23:

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louis Arbour, has said the Maoists should abide with the peace treaty while giving opportunity to the government to function smoothly.

After her visit to the Balefi police post, re-established two weeks ago, Arbour said the responsibility of the government is to guarantee security to the people; so the Maoists should help the government in re-establishing police posts.

“The Maoist leadership should make an environment conducive for people’s free participation in the election.” She also said when Maoists help safeguard people’s rights, they benefit from it to keep their views before the people.

She said her visit focuses more on issues of discrimination and inequality.

She said the government should decide on how to initiate actions against those who violated human rights during the Jana Andolan II and that it had the right to act in accordance with the recommendation of the Rayamajhi commission. In the press release issued by Arbour here, she said: “Women victims of gender violence have faced harsh challenges while seeking justice. Blemishing them, lack of complimentary structures, protection and judicial support system and absence of probe and punishment to the guilty are stumbling blocks in getting justice. The situation is far more worse to the women from marginalised classes like Dalit community,” the statement read.

The UN mission in Nepal will jointly work with the authorities concerned to ensure women’s access to justice, she added.

Earlier, she held interaction with the women victims of conflict and different types of violence in Irkhu VDC, where she assured that she will initiate actions for seeking solution.

In her meeting with the officials of the security organs after the inspection of the displaced police posts, chief district officer Jivan Prasad Oli and deputy superintendent of police Sahakul Bahadur Thapa briefed her on law and order situation and reinstated police posts.

RSS adds: Arbour met Chief of the Army Staff (CoAS) General Rookmangud Katawal at the Nepal Army Headquarters here today. During the meeting, CoAS Katwal said that the Nepali Army was very committed to protection and respect of human rights. Chief of the OHCHR Nepal, Lena Sundh was also present during the meeting.