Limbuwan activists clash

PHIDIM: Cadres of Sanghiya Limbuwan Rajyaparisad-Revolutionary vandalised the office of Loktantrik Manch affiliated to Sanghiya Limbuwan Rajyaparisad in Phidim on Monday. Some 20 SLR-R cadres with batons and khukuris vandalised the Loktantra Manch office located at Mainline in Phidim bazaar and seized furniture and documents from the office.

According to an SLR source, 52 chairs, a cupboard, a table and documents of the office were taken away by the SLR-R members.

SLR-R district commander Midhung Thakthungwa has owned up the incident. SLR-R district in-charge Hom Yawa said they had resorted to such actions, as they had been constantly threatened by the SLR cadres.

Meanwhile, SLR district secretary Lawahang Chemjong accused the SLR-R of resorting to violence as they could not adopt competitive politics.

Police held 15 persons on suspicion of their hand in the incident.

SLR-R is a splinter group of SLR that was formed on March 4 under the leadership of Misehang Thaksughang.