Local elections in May 2nd week, says PM

PARBAT: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Thursday announced that locals polls would be held in the second week of May this year.

Inaugurating the Western Industrial Trade Fair and Parbat Festival in Kusma of Parbat today, the Prime Minister said the government would announce the polls once the Parliament passed all election-related laws.

He also reiterated that the election dates would be announced within a day or two.

While major parties already forged an agreement for the elections, the government was working to ensure support of the Madhesi parties for the polls, the CPN Maoist Centre chairman shared.

"As all political forces stood together while promulgating the Constitution," the Prime Minister urged, "Time has come now again to stand together to ensure the Constitution implementation and elections."

He said people of mountains, hills and plains should be united to hold the elections; and he was working for the same as the chief executive of the nation.

The festival would last for 10 days.