Local level office bearers in Bagmati to get allowance

Hetauda, February 25

Bagmati Province government has decided to amend the act pertaining to facilities to be provided to local level office bearers and executive members.

A meeting of Bagmati Province that convened today took the decision to amend the act related to facilities to be provided to people’s representatives and members of 119 local levels of 13 districts.

Monthly salaries and other facilities of office bearers and members of the local levels of six provinces were halted after the Supreme Court annulled the provincial laws that allowed them to draw perks. But, the province government’s decision has paved the way for office bearers and members of the local levels in Bagmati to draw perks and allowance.

Bagmati Province government Spokesperson and Minister Kailash Prasad Dhungel said that perks would be provided only as allowance, not as salary. The amendment will open the door to provide facilities to office bearers and members of district coordination committees, metropolis, municipalities and rural municipalities.

Earlier, salary of a mayor of the metropolis was Rs 46,000 a month while deputy mayor would draw Rs 40,200 a month. Similarly, sub-metropolis mayor would get a salary of Rs 40,200 a month while deputy would receive Rs 35,000 and a ward chair would receive Rs 35,000. Municipality mayor, deputy, rural municipality chair and deputy would draw a salary of Rs 35,000, Rs 31,000, Rs 27,000 and Rs 20,000 respectively.

The Supreme Court had issued a verdict annulling the laws that allowed office bearers and members to draw salary in six provinces, including Bagmati, six months ago.

Amendment to the act presented by the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers by the Provincial Assembly will formally clear the path for the local levels to enjoy the facilities.