Local levels adding Maghi in public holiday list in Kailali

DHANGAHDI: Various local levels in Kailali district have added the greatest festival of the Tharu community, Maghi, in their list of public holidays.

Some local levels have declared two days holiday for the festival while others have declared three.

Bhajani Municipality and Janaki Rural Municipality have declared two days holiday (Magh 1 and 2) for Maghi, also known as Maghe Sankranti. Meanwhile, Kailari and Joshipur Rural Municipalities have declared three days of holiday.

Kailari Rural Municipality has declared three-days holiday (Poush 29, Magh 1 and 2) for Maghi, informed Khagendra Raj Joshi, chief administrative officer at the rural municipality. Similarly, Ram Krishna Chaudhary, Joshipur Rural Municipality chair said, "Our rural municipality has granted holidays on Magh 1, 2 and 4."

Some local levels with larger Tharu population had demanded for the addition of holidays.

“Maghi is the greatest festival of the Tharu people during which major decisions regarding the community are made and new projects are started, for which we decided to extend the holidays," informed Chaudhary. The festival is closely interlinked with religious, familial and social decisions of the community.

Tharu people start new work, initiate marriages, among other ventures, during this time. This festival is also the time for the community to elect a leader to represent their villages.

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