Locals protest minor’s rape, murder


Police opened fire on irate locals, who were protesting against the rape and subsequent murder of a minor girl from Shuvam Basti of Mahottari in Bardibas today.

Sahid Alam’s six-year-old daughter was raped and subsequently murdered.

The body was found inside a sack near the house last night.

Arun Kumar Sah, 25, of Gaushala Municipality has admitted that he raped and killed the minor. He is in police custody.

Irate locals vandalised Sah’s house at Bardibas and set it ablaze.

A fire engine could not put out the fire as locals blocked it from reaching the site.

Personnel of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force had put in a lot of efforts to clear the road for the fire engine. As locals pelted stones at police personnel, police had to open fire on protesters, said Province Police Office, Janakpur.

Three protesters were injured in the firing. Sanjay Neupane, Shyam Karki and another person whose identity is yet to be established were injured in the incident. Sanjay has received deep injury on his thigh while Karki’s head has been fractured.

Preparations were under way to send Sanjay outside the district for further treatment after he could not be treated at Pinnacle Hospital.

Locals kept the minor’s body at Bardibas Chowk and staged the protest from early morning. Police had used force to clear the highway.

Police had fired dozens of tear gas shells after locals vandalised the murder-accused’s house. Protesters blocked the East-West Highway and staged protest against the rape and murder of the minor girl.