Mahottari DDC office locked

Mahottari, July 4:

The Madhesi Janaadhikari Forum in Mahottari (MJF) today padlocked the office of the District Development Committee (DDC) for an indefinite period.

The group said that it was denied a role in the daily activities of the DDC and the village development committees (VDC).

Cadres of the forum also tore down the national flag at the DDC compound and hoisted their party flag in its place. They also organised a corner meeting there.

The DDC will be locked until the forum is given a share in the DDC and VDC work, said Madhesi Janaadhikari Forum’s secretary in Mahottari Abhiram Sharma.

Speakers addressing the corner meeting said they will not

accept the domination of the eight political parties.

Last Monday, the MJF had forced local development officer Shambhu Prasad Luintel to write a letter inviting it, but the missive was cancelled by the eight parties.