Main opposition NC reiterates China has encroached Nepali territory

KATHMANDU: Main opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) on Wednesday reiterated that China has encroached Nepali territory in Limi of Namkha Rural Municipality in Humla district.

Issuing a press release today, the NC claimed that ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP)'s denial, first, and silence, next, in the encroachment of Nepali territories in Humla is a treasonous act.

Furthermore, the congress accused the ruling party of trying to coverup the issue of Chinese encroachment by ignoring accumulated 'evidences' for the same.

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The statement further questions the earlier statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuting the claims of Chinese encroachment which was labelled by NC as a hasty move executed without a proper on-site investigation.

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A team including local administration, Nepali Army, Armed Police Force had made an onsite study in the first week of Asoj month (B.S. calendar).

However, the report for the same is yet to be published.

Following the study, a study action team (addhyan karyadal) under the leadership of Jivan Bahadur Shahi, NC central member and opposition leader in Karnali Provincial Assembly, reached Namkha on Asoj 14 and carried out an observation from border pillar no 5-12 along the Nepal-China border for 11 days and concluded that China has in fact encroached approximately two kilometres of Nepali land in Limi of Namkha.

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The lack of record of land encroachment, asking for 24 hours clarification from Humla Chief District Officer who brought the issue to light, MoFA trying to cover the issue even before the government team had finished the onsite observation, stopping the team from publishing the report and both provincial and central governments' silence in the issue is sad, shameful and condemnable, the NC said.

The NC in the statement strongly renounced any kind of encroachment of Nepali territories either from north or south and said that the Chinese encroachment in Humla is a condemnable subject for a sovereign country.

"The silence and coverup by the government is an act of betrayal of the country."

NC in its statement has demanded the government to issue an opinion on the issue, construct a common opinion, send a protest note to the Chinese government and start the process of solving the current dispute through diplomatic means.