Man meditating in ‘airtight’ pit for days

Itahari,March 31:

How long can you live without oxygen? According to medical science, people can live only for a few minutes without oxygen.

However, Shree Shree 108 Shree Krishnadas Maharaj, a saint, has been meditating in a pit under the ground, which is apparently sealed against air supply.

The saint is meditating since March 27 in the ditch which has walls made of bricks and is covered with plywood and plastics from the top. There are fifty sacks of mud above the plywood.

A few saints, who were around the site, expressed doubt whether the saint is still alive.

However, other saints said a long practice of yoga can enable men to live without oxygen for a longer time.

According to a saint, Mohan Saran, the saint would end the meditation at 9 am on April 3. He claimed that Krishnadas was the first person who has been meditating in an ‘airtight’ pit for such a long time.

People from several parts of Nepal and India have started flocking the meditation site. They are allowed to see him for an hour from 11 am every day through a glass kept at the upper part of the pit.