Maoists’ acts may boomerang: Nepal

Kavre, August 11 :

Education Minister Pradip Nepal today said that the Maoists’ threats to launch another revolt, peaceful agitation and pressurising the government to declare the state a republic before the CA polls were all ill-conceived. Talking to journalists in Dhulikhel, Nepal said: “The Maoists’ activities may cause problems for themselves. The Maoists, instead of announcing their programme for free and fair CA polls, are spreading rumours of an agitation through their plenum.”

Saying that the campaign for the polls would start when 90 days remain for the countdown to the polls, he said: “The UML is not afraid to go to the polls. Only those who fear the polls are trying to disrupt the polls.”

He urged the university teachers to place their demands before PM Girija Prasad Koirala since he is the chancellor of the universities. He said it would take time to fill the additional quota of teachers in schools.

Saying that problem in Gorkhapatra daily arose due to the NC, Nepal said: “It’s not good to sack working journalists.”