Mayor Od treats inmates with mutton brunch

DHANGADI: In a generous gesture, the Dhangadi Sub-Metropolis Mayor Nripa Bahadur Od went to the District Prison in Kailali on Thursday morning and took his brunch with resident convicts.

Opining that every Nepali should get an opportunity to celebrate Dashain and Tihar festivals and to have at least one mutton meal, the Mayor made arrangements and treated inmates with a-mutton-meal.

Prior to this, Mayor Od had also procured mutton meat and sat for brunch with the inmates during Dashain festival.

“Prisons must be taken as rehabilitation camps,” the Mayor said.

Following the event, the prisoners said that Mayor Od  played his part as a good guardian.

“We have also requested the mayor to provide us with warm clothes for winter,” one of the accused of Tikapur incident, Laxman Tharu said.

At present, the District Prison Kailali houses 409 inmates which is thrice its capacity.