Meteorological Forecasting Division has warned people across the country, especially those residing in the urban areas, about the reducing humidity.

The division stated on Wednesday that the average humidity in the afternoon for last 2-3 days has struggled to remain around 30 per cent, mostly in urban areas.

As such, MFD has suggested everyone to drink plenty of fluids and hydrate themselves against the drying air.

According to the forecast, some places of Karnali Province and most of the places elsewhere in the country are to witness average humidity drop below 30 per cent on Thursday.

Dry air and low humidity can push bodies to lose excess water through perspiration or through other mediums, causing itchy eyes and nose, and can threaten immunity of the respiratory system.

Westerly trough from Friday

Meanwhile, in a special bulletin issued on Wednesday, the Division also talked about another weather system which is set to bring westerly trough on Friday.

Clouds shifting eastwards through Sudur Pashchim Province to Karnali, Lumbini and Gandaki Provinces will bring changes to the weather.

Consequently, some places of higher mountainous and hilly regions of Sudur Pashchi, Karnali and Gandaki Provinces may witness light snowfall.

Hence, all the mountaineering stakeholders have been requested to take early precautions.